Monday, September 25, 2017

Brazen Asian thief steals a five-carat diamond worth $300,000

Police are hunting a man who robbed a jewellery store of a $300,000 five-carat diamond by swapping it with a worthless fake. The alleged thief pulled off the brazen switch at Cerrone Jewellers' flagship store in Sydney.

He allegedly looked at the unset diamond before taking it and leaving one of much lesser value in its place, believed to be a cubic zirconia. The man had visited the previous day and examined the $300,000 diamond. He studied the diamond and had a copy made before coming back to the store.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Man who tried to rob Starbucks planning to sue citizen who took him down

The 58-year-old man who intervened in an armed robbery at a California Starbucks could face a lawsuit after the man he brought down accused him of using excessive force. Ryan Michael Flores, 30, was caught on surveillance cameras holding up a Starbucks in Fresno, California armed with a knife and a fake gun in July.

Customer Cregg Jerri was filmed striking Flores with a chair before getting into a fight with the alleged robber as they both struggled for his knife. Both Jerri and Flores were seriously injured and suffered multiple stab wounds during the ordeal.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5,500 asylum seekers illegally entered Quebec in August

The number of asylum seekers illegally crossing the border into Quebec continued to explode last month. More than 5,500 asylum seekers walked into Quebec in August -- close to double the number of people that walked across the border from the United States in July. 11,896 people have unlawfully crossed the border into Quebec this year, with another 1,300 more entering through Manitoba and British Columbia.
Once they step over the border, asylum seekers are eligible for Canadian benefits. Illegal asylum seekers who pass the initial screening are released into Canada. The federal government provides some benefits everywhere in Canada. Most provinces will take applications for social assistance as soon as asylum seekers have opened their refugee claim. Also included are basic health-care services, supplemental services such as dental care, limited vision care and prescription drug coverage. In short most illegal asylum seekers receive far more than needy Canadian citizens ever do.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Alberta Government seizes 25 Métis lake whitefish

The Alberta government is apologizing to a Métis community in northern Alberta after fish and wildlife officers seized about 25 lake whitefish at a cultural event aiming to teach the traditional way of smoking the catch.

 “We were all so hurt,” said community spokeswoman Roxanne Powder on Saturday.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers earn in excess of $ 70,000 per year.
She explained the three-day culture camp occurs annually and offers the community a chance to learn about traditional activities, including making dreamcatchers, trapping and hunting.

“This was an unfortunate circumstance" said Indigenous Relations Minister Richard Feehan. "I commit that we will take steps to ensure this doesn't happen again."

Friday, September 15, 2017

Scams for Dummies - Peak Positioning Technologies Inc - PKK.c

Johnson Joseph
Spotting securities crimes and the open criminals attached thereto is rarely rocket science. In fact its usually dead simple. Case in point is ridiculous Canadian OTC scam Peak Positioning Technologies Inc - PKK.c

On July 11, 2016 the co announced a 'purchase order agreement' worth two billion renminbi (approximately $385-million) to go along with a 'purchase order agreement' worth one billion renminbi (approximately $193-million) on July 5, 2016. And what great timing that is because there was a $ .02 unit financing on June 15 for 199 million units, which pushes O/S to 700 million or somesuch.

Jiang Wang

Liang Qiu
Before one swallows that rubbish and runs for our chequebooks to throw money away one best 'do' minimal due diligence eh citizens? First off Peak Position Technologies was and is dead, and we mean DEAD insolvent. Today it's capped well past $ 58m

Next tiny issue is the fact the SOURCE for these zillions of renminbi has zero google presence. Next is the fact the co is somehow PAYING for advertising on Stockhouse and PAYING for busted red-handed career securities butthole David Alexander Kuznecov to tout the paper to dumb sheeple.

David Alexander Kuznecov

Edward Vranic
Also being paid for sweet nothings is some Turd named Edward Vranic who's singular claim to fame seems to be writing straight-up rubbish about this pure junk.

Whilst David Alexander Kuznecov is spamming multiple threads on Stockhouse daily, these tards are saying their big Wang is in the process of liberating $ 4m of his personal funds from China to fund the idear. The legal limit for removing money from China is $ 50k per year but dopey sheeples don't need to worry their little heads about that. Ahuck.

Fools and their money, but DAMN, the biggest retard in the universe could smell this un a mile away.
Charles-André Tessier
Lets close with words from busted red-handed multiple times David Alexander Kuznecov ..."They are a middle man. They are taking possession of goods to sell at a profit. Transactions are revenues. This is not a hard concept to understand."

Well that's great Mr. Kuznecov. Why then did this operation report a large loss of $ 984,270 in Q2 2017? VERY recently it was revealed Mr. Wang was detained for 15 days in China, had assets seized, and is now restricted from leaving China. Meanwhile in November 2017 5,489,950 @ 0.025 units will be free trading, to go along with another 5,975,000 @ 0.025 in December. Yup, money in the bank.

David Alexander Kuznecov

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Man Wanted for stuffing stolen Chicken down his pants

Is that a chicken in your pants? The answer was affirmative as police in St. John's are looking for a fowl man who allegedly assaulted a security guard after trying to shoplift chicken out of a Sobeys grocery store in his pants. The man returned the chicken before flying the coop.

This gang of Silkie Chickens weren't impressed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Woman takes lucky coyote for a ride

An Alberta woman says she was shocked when she found a coyote she thought she’d struck and killed on the highway stuck in the grille of her car. She heard a “crunch” and thought she’d run the animal over and killed it. But when she stopped at a traffic light near Calgary’s Foothills Hospital, a construction worker pointed out the young coyote was lodged in her grille, still alive. She had driven over 35 kilometres at highway speeds.

Fish and wildlife officers managed to remove the animal, and found it had only suffered minor injuries. It was released in the foothills west of Calgary.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Aspiring Toronto Model busted for Murder

Aspiring model Laurie Phan, 22, was arrested in June for first-degree murder. She is accused of involvement in the shooting death of Noel Williams, 27 of Markham.

In her online profile, she called herself a “very motivated and determined person” and said she was “interested in fashion, glamour, hair/makeup, promotional modelling, runway, fit modelling and swimwear shoots!”
York Regional Police found Williams, 27, suffering from gunshot wounds at a residence. He was rushed to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Police said at the time that the suspects fled in a vehicle. Jasper Atienza, 28, was also charged with first-degree murder.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Party Over for South African Student Sibongile Mani

A student who received a staggering £850,000 instead of her usual £85 monthly grant, was forced to flee an outraged mob that disrupted a press conference she was holding to 'explain herself'. Sibongile Mani, 27, managed to spend over £50,000 on clothes, parties, booze and expensive hairdressers, and is now facing arrest and being charged with theft. She was mobbed by fellow students at Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha, Eastern Cape jeering at her, shouting 'pay back the money'.

The angry crowd chased her out of the building and she had to flee between cars and find safety in a police station. Mani, who was on benefits to allow her to study, was said to have undergone a Cinderella like transformation overnight after the cash blunder. She gets £85 each month put into her bank account for food and book allowances. Instead the company that administers the financial aid allowances sent £850,000.
Her corn-row hairstyle was replaced with £180-a-time Peruvian weaves and she began wearing designer outfits. £50 bottles of whisky and jetting herself and her pals round the country to wild parties followed. When the two-and-a-half-month spending spree was finally uncovered, it was found she had been blowing £666 a day ... which is a staggering amount of money in South Africa. Many thousands of students are left without any funding and cannot pursue their dream of a higher education.

Friday, September 8, 2017

West Vancouver lawyer suspended 6 months over $25 million in dodgy transactions

The Law Society of British Columbia has ordered the suspension of West Vancouver lawyer Donald Gurney for six months for professional misconduct in letting $25,845,489 of offshore cash flow into the country. He provided no services for the massive cash but charged a tenth of one per cent of the amount given “the risk involved.” In a 2015 Supreme Court of Canada decision lawyers won an exemption from the reporting rules that apply to everybody else. In May, the disciplinary panel found that Gurney — a septuagenarian 49-year veteran of the bar — flowed nearly $26 million from Belize, Marshall Islands and Nevis into a newly incorporated B.C. firm “with, as far as he knew, no assets and no plans.”
Citing a sheaf of media reports showing billions of offshore dollars flowing into B.C. real estate, many deals involving lawyers’ trust accounts, the LSBC appeared to be taking no steps to properly police money laundering. It took two years for the law society to cite Gurney after it learned of the transactions.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Toronto cabbie uses bank card bait-and-switch

A cabbie is accused of scamming passengers in the downtown core over a couple of years — using a bait-and-switch technique to snag their bank cards. Adnan Jahangir, 44, of Scarborough, faces more than 180 fraud-related charges. Taxi customers would have their debit cards switched after having paid their taxi fare. The cab driver would take a passenger’s card and replace it with a different card from the same bank. The customer’s card was then used to withdraw funds and purchase retail items.

Investigators have taken the additional step of releasing the accused cabbie’s photo in case other people believe they were victimized.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Kristopher Teichrieb denied bail - Update

Kristopher Teichrieb, facing a charge of attempted murder after a teen was beaten into a coma, will tentatively go on trial on Jan. 8, 2018. He is facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault in connection to the June 2016 beating of Jessie Simpson, 18. Simpson, who has since turned 19, has been in hospital since.

Jessie Simpson
Charged with the attempted murder of a Savona teen, Kristopher Teichrieb appeared briefly by video in Kamloops court Thursday. Teichrieb’s next court appearance was set for Thursday, Sept. 15, when he will be arraigned on the charge. He has remained in custody since June 19.

Still unconscious and on life support after an assault two months ago, Jessie Simpson turned 19 years old on July 26. His mother Sue has been at his bedside daily since the assault. Jesse Simpson remains unresponsive in a coma in hospital. Reports have suggested he may be brain dead and would likely not survive if taken off medical support. A publication ban remains in effect.

Kristopher Teichrieb
Kristopher Teichrieb walked into a Kamloops courtroom with a big smile on his face on Monday July 18, waving at a group of friends and family seated in the gallery. He has been in custody since he was arrested June 19 after Jessie Simpson was beaten into a coma near Teichrieb’s Brocklehurst home. Teichrieb’s bail hearing began on Monday and is expected to wrap up later this week. The evidence presented at the hearing is protected by a court-ordered ban on publication.
Kristopher Teichrieb said little during a brief appearance in Kamloops provincial court on Monday, June 27. Kristopher Teichrieb is charged with attempted murder in connection to the assault of Jessie Simpson. Defence lawyer Jeremy Jensen hinted at the fact Teichrieb’s charge could be upgraded to murder if Simpson’s condition changes. Jensen asked that a potential bail hearing be delayed.

Bail hearings for people charged with murder take place in B.C. Supreme Court. If Teichrieb’s charge is not upgraded, his bail hearing on the attempted murder charge would take place in provincial court. Jesse Simpson has been declared brain dead by doctors. Teichrieb is due back in court on July 4.

Jessie Simpson
19-year-old Jessie Simpson remained in a coma on Monday after being beaten, reportedly with a baseball bat, on Holt Street in Kamloops in the early-morning hours of Sunday, June 19.

Kristopher Teichrieb, 39, has been charged with attempted murder. Teichrieb will appear in court on Thursday.

Simpson suffered 3 skull fractures. Police say the incident occurred at about 4:50 a.m. when a resident looked out his window and saw a male standing in his driveway. He went outside to confront the unwanted visitor and assaulted the man with a weapon.

Kristopher Teichrieb
Jessie Simpson, who graduated from South Kamloops secondary this year, was coming home from a grad party before the violent incident. He is described as small, standing about 5-foot-6, with a slight build.

Kristopher Teichrieb's bail hearing has been put off until Monday, June 27. Jesse Simpson was chased down Holt Street and suffered three open skull fractures.

Kristopher Teichrieb

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Utah retard cops Jeff Payne, James Tracy arrest nurse for doing job - Update

A Utah hospital said its nurses will no longer interact with police whatsoever. "I need to make sure this never, ever, ever happens to another one of our care providers again," said Margaret Pearce, chief nursing officer at the University of Utah Hospital. Instead of interacting with nurses, cops will be directed to health supervisors "who are highly trained on rules and laws"
A Utah police department is making changes after an officer dragged a screaming nurse out of a hospital in handcuffs when she refused to allow blood to be drawn from an unconscious patient. Nurse Alex Wubbels followed hospital policy and advice from her bosses when she told Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne that he could not get the blood sample without a warrant or consent from the patient
Detective Jeff Payne
Police reports indicate that Payne was told by his lieutenant, James Tracy, to get the blood sample. Tracy, the watch commander on duty that night, said to arrest Wubbels for interfering with a police investigation if she refused to let him get the sample, according to his report.

Salt Lake City’s mayor and police chief apologized. Police Chief Mike Brown said in a statement, “I was alarmed by what I saw in the video with our officer and Ms. Wubbels."
A Salt Lake police detective whose arrest of a University Hospital nurse sparked a worldwide outcry was fired Tuesday from his part-time position as a Gold Cross Ambulance paramedic. Gold Cross officials said Jeff Payne's termination was effective immediately. As the arrest incident was wrapping up, Payne's body camera video recorded him telling Salt Lake Police Lt. James Tracy, "I’ll bring 'em all the transients and take the good patients elsewhere," referring to who he transports to University Hospital.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Victoria's Secret model once busted for shoplifting

Stunning Dutch treat Roosmarijn de Kok, 21, was awarded her wings — guaranteeing her a spot on the runway of Victoria’s Secret’s annual event — at the company’s headquarters in Manhattan last week. “Forever grateful!!!” de Kok wrote on her Instagram. “Im [sic] so excited!!” This new lingerie “Angel” has a secret: She was once busted for shoplifting chocolate bars at a Whole Foods. In 2014, she was turning heads on a different catwalk — the center aisle of an arraignment courtroom at Manhattan Criminal Court.
The model was pinched by Whole Foods security after walking out with three chocolate bars and a pricey bottle of fish oil in her bag without paying. Her lawyer said at the time that his client had placed the items in her handbag and then forgot they were there. The charges were dismissed and sealed after de Kok agreed to serve a day of community service.