Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hearing for judge Robin Camp concludes - should lose job

CALGARY -- An inquiry committee of the Canadian Judicial Council has recommended the removal of a judge over controversial comments he made in a sex assault trial. "We conclude that Justice Camp's conduct ... was so manifestly and profoundly destructive of the concept of the impartiality, integrity and independence of the judicial role that public confidence is sufficiently undermined to render the judge incapable of executing the judicial office"
Robin Camp A hearing is to begin today into the future of a federal judge who asked a sexual assault complainant why she couldn't keep her knees together. The Canadian Judicial Council is to determine whether Justice Robin Camp should lose his job for the comment he made in 2014 while a provincial court judge in Calgary.

Court transcripts show he questioned the woman's morals, suggested that her attempts to fight off her attacker were feeble and described her as "the accused" throughout the trial. Camp acquitted 250 pound Alexander Scott Wagar of sexual assault, but the verdict was overturned on appeal and a new trial was ordered.
The 'judge' has indicated he wants to remain on the bench. It's alleged Camp's comments "reflected an antipathy" toward laws meant to protect vulnerable witnesses, engaged in "stereotypical or biased thinking" and asked the complainant questions that relied on "discredited, stereotypical assumptions".

The review committee will make recommendations to the full judicial council. If it decides Camp should be removed from the bench, the final decision lies with the federal justice minister.
“She went into the washroom to throw up, she’d been drinking a lot including absinthe and he came in and misbehaved,” is Camp’s dismissive, condescending description of an alleged sexual assault that included forced oral sex and vaginal penetration.

Camp asked the victim why she didn’t stop the attack: “why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you?” and “why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” “If you were … frightened you could have screamed" “Some sex and pain sometimes go together … that’s not necessarily a bad thing;” and “she knew she was drunk … is not an onus on her to be more careful.”

The judge’s legal team has indicated he will say sorry.
A married father of two adult sons and a daughter, Justice Camp went to law school in South Africa, and later moved to Calgary, where he passed law exams in 1998. Alison Redford’s Progressive Conservative government appointed him a judge in 2012. The federal Conservative government later appointed Camp to the Federal Court, where he is paid $314,100 a year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HA James T. Costin guilty

SALEM — A man reputed to be the “sergeant at arms,” or enforcer, for the North Shore chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang was sentenced to state prison after admitting to violent assaults on two men last December.

James T. “Jamie” Costin, 51, of Lynn, will serve 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 years in prison for the assaults outside the Fat Cacus, a restaurant and bar on Route 1 in Lynnfield.
One of the men was left with disfiguring facial injuries. The damage, which included severing the man’s lower lip and breaking two of the man’s teeth, appears to have been caused with a large metal ring Costin was wearing.

While police found three rings in a cigar box at Costin’s home that tested positive for human blood, the blood on those rings did not match that of either victim in the Fat Cactus incident.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Father, son smuggled drugs while working for DEA

Over several years, the U.S. government and other law enforcement agencies paid about $1.2 million to Jose Santos-Pena, 55, and his son Jose Santos-Hernandez, 34, for information about drug dealers.

The pair traveled to multiple countries to make secret recordings of people involved in drug trafficking. That included Venezuela, where Santos-Pena recorded two nephews of Cilia Flores, the wife of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, handling a block of cocaine. They are accused of conspiring to ship more than 1,700 pounds of cocaine into the United States. Santos-Pena and Santos-Hernandez pleaded guilty to trafficking charges, admitting dealing drugs for at least four years, including while they were building the Venezuelan case last fall under the direction of the DEA.
Prosecutors revealed jailhouse tapes that proved the men continued to communicate about drug deals even while their trial was underway.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bizarre Mugshot series for Oregon man arrested 16 times

Matt Joseph Medlin when he was booked into jail on June 4, 2002.Matthew Medlin has been arrested for the 16th time for allegedly licking another man's face, damaging several cars and trying to bite an officer in Southeast Portland.

He has a series of mugshots dating back to 2002, when he was 18 years old. Matthew Medlin’s most recent mugshot, taken this week, came after he was involved in a four-hour standoff with Portland police during which he reportedly injected himself with methamphetamine. He was charged with four counts of criminal mischief, burglary, resisting arrest, attempted assault of a police officer, disorderly conduct, interfering with a peace officer and harassment.
Aug. 31, 2016

Matt Joseph Medlin on Oct. 18, 2002.

Oct. 18, 2006.

Dec. 12, 2006.

Feb. 28, 2007.

June 22, 2007.

Jan. 7, 2013.

Feb. 16, 2013.

March 30, 2013.

April 30, 2014.

Dec. 8, 2015.

Jan. 30, 2016.

Aug. 31, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Calgary cop Gerard Brand to jury: 'I am not a crook'

His voice often raised and quivering with emotion, Calgary police Det. Gerard Brand told jurors this week that he is not a criminal. “No matter what happened here, I loved this job, I would do this job for free,” Brand said, of his devotion to policing and the Calgary Police Service. “For them to accused me of being a criminal ...” he said, his voice tinged with emotion and wiping tears.

He suggested he was the victim of poor police work and vengeance by some who didn’t like him. He said much of the Crown’s case was based on “a great deal of speculation". Brand blamed insomnia for accessing CPS computer systems at odd hours. Brand faces charges of breach of trust by a public official and unauthorized use of a computer for accessing police databases related to 24 people. The jury is deliberating today to decide if, in fact, Gerard Brand is a crook.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager trial nearing end

Prosecutors have called their final witness in the murder trial of Michael Slager. The former South Carolina police officer shot and killed Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who was fleeing a traffic stop. He was indicted by a federal grand jury that also charged him with a civil rights violation.

Scott was pulled over by Michael Slager in April 2015 for a non-functioning brake light. Slager shot Scott in the back when Scott tried to flee the scene; a video of the shooting surfaced later, which contradicted Slager's police report.

Walter Scott
Slager was indicted last June by a grand jury on a murder charge, making him one of 10 officers charged with a crime in connection to 990 fatal police shootings in 2015. A trial began in October.

The Justice Department has declined over 96 percent of the more than 13,000 federal civil rights complaints brought against police officers since 1995.

After the state rests, the defense will present their case.

Michael Slager

Former Calgary cop Denis McHugh faces 11 criminal charges

In yet another horrid chapter in the ridiculous bible of the Calgary Police Service, former officer Denis McHugh faces 11 criminal charges, including kidnapping and obstruction of justice.

McHugh, a constable with the Calgary Police Service for eight years until earlier this month, has been charged with kidnapping, obstruction of justice, break and enter, breach of the peace, two counts of fraudulently obtaining a computer service, and five counts of breach of trust.

CPS Deputy Chief Ray Robitaille said there is “nothing positive to say. These are serious criminal charges.”
Calgary police officer Jeff Duggan was charged on October 28 with assault after an on-duty fight at his ex-wife’s home. Police began investigating after Duggan’s ex-wife reported the officer “verbally threatened to assault” her current boyfriend and “attempted to force his way into the home.” Police have also charged Duggan with uttering threats and four counts of breach of probation.

Calgary Police Supt. James Hardy said he didn’t want to “jump to conclusions” “What’s gone on here is not untypical ..."
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Surrey RCMP Const. Dario Devic charged after Creep Catchers sting

RCMP Const. Dario Devic was charged by the RCMP with one count of communicating with a person under the age of 16 for the purpose of sexual interference or sexual touching, and one count of breach of trust related to this duties. The breach of trust charge was subsequently dropped.

Two teenaged girls had been living at the house of Devic. The 14-year-olds had been living as home-stay students, but a source said the girls were removed.

The arrest happened after a Sept. 7 incident that saw the Surrey Creep Catchers livestream a confrontation with the suspect on facebook. RCMP responded to the incident, which happened at a mall on King George Highway when it began getting traction on social media.

Police immediately launched an investigation, and within a few hours identified the suspect officer. The RCMP have also started an internal Code of Conduct investigation under the RCMP Act. Dario Devic was removed from duty and the RCMP intends to suspend him.

The video by the 'Creep Catchers' allegedly show the Mountie expecting to meet a 14 year-old girl.

Kevin Johnston
A former deputy sheriff from the B.C. Interior has been charged after being targeted in a sting by Creep Catchers. Three counts of communicating with a person believed to be underage for the purpose of facilitating a sexual offence and one count of invitation to sexual touching have been approved against Kevin Johnston. He no longer works for the Sherriff Services.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

2 Bathurst, N.B. officers face manslaughter charges

Patrick Bulger, Mathieu Boudreau
Const. Patrick Bulger, 38, and Const. Mathieu Boudreau 26, are charged with manslaughter as well as other charges in the shooting death of Michel Vienneau. Vienneau died on Jan. 12, 2015 when he was shot in the parking lot of the Via Rail station in Bathurst after getting off a train from Montreal.

Mathieu Boudreau is identified as the officer who shot Vienneau. It was revealed Bathurst police were acting on a Crime Stoppers tip when they stopped Vienneau. Police have confirmed Vienneau was not involved in any criminal activity.
Bulger and Boudreau remain suspended, with pay.

 Vienneau's common-law wife, Annick Basque filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Bathurst for damages and loss of income resulting from Vienneau's death, which she alleges is a direct result of police negligence. In a second lawsuit, she alleges she was arrested using excessive force and without cause during the incident.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Canadian Mint employee convicted of smuggling $162K of gold in his anus

Leston Lawrence, 35, was convicted of theft and money laundering after a judge ruled he smuggled out $162,000 in gold nuggets from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Vaseline and latex gloves were recovered in his locker; the pucks seized from his safety deposit box exactly matched the kind he made in the refinery; he repeatedly set off the metal detector exiting the Mint’s secure area. There was no explanation for the thousands of dollars he wired out of the country.
Lawrence set off the archway metal detector, which all 1,000 secure-area employees must pass through, 28 times in 41 days. He was cleared each time by a secondary search with a hand-held wand.
Court heard Lawrence was arranging to build a home in Kingston, Jamaica and buy a $45,000 (US) boat from a marina in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Almost $35,000 had been transferred to the Jamaican contractor and about $34,000 to the boat supplier.

And this, Justice Doody noted, from a man who made about $55,000 annually at the Mint.
It wasn't even the Mint that discovered the theft, but an alert bank teller. On multiple occasions Lawrence took small circular chunks of gold — a cookie-sized nugget called a “puck” — to Ottawa Gold Buyers.

Typically, the pucks weighed about 210 grams, or 7.4 ounces, for which he was given cheques in the $6,800 range. He then deposited them at the Royal Bank in the same mall. A teller became suspicious at the size and number of Ottawa Gold Buyers cheques being deposited and Lawrence’s request to wire money out of the country. She then noticed on his account profile that he worked at the Mint.

Eventually, a search warrant was obtained and four Mint-style pucks were found in Lawrence’s safety deposit box. Records revealed 18 pucks had been sold between Nov. 27, 2014 and March 12, 2015.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Chatham-Kent Police cleared of lying after video proves it

A black Ontario teenager who was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest saw charges against him dropped after video emerged of the encounter. Jake Anderson was 17 when he was arrested and charged in Chatham on July 25, 2015.

The surveillance video, shown on CBC-TV as part of the fifth estate investigation "Caught on Camera," differs greatly from the police version of events. Const. Fraser Curtis drew his weapon. (

Const. John Deforest
Official reports say that when police tried to arrest him, he "fought violently then broke free." They reported that they eventually subdued him with a Taser and took him to the police station. Police alleged an "aggressive" and "intoxicated" Anderson started the confrontation. The police reports obtained by the fifth estate say that after fleeing from them, Andersen tripped and was "on his back throwing punches."

But the video shows Anderson on his stomach, being punched several times by an officer and then tasered. The teenager does not appear to be fighting back.
Crown prosecutors dropped all charges against Anderson after viewing the video. A year after the incident — in July 2016 — the Chatham-Kent Police Service completed its internal review and cleared its officers of any wrongdoing, despite admissions from them that their accounts of key parts of the encounter with Anderson differed from the video.

Anderson's family is suing the Chatham-Kent Police Service.