Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hells Angels online plea for legal funds tops $11K

Dean “Dinger” Bell
Hells Angel Dean “Dinger” Bell has raised more than $10,000 through an online begging campaign for his lawsuit against a Saskatchewan mining company.

The amount is well short of the $100,000 to $125,000 he and others need to fight their wrongful dismissal claim. "I hope some people will keep the support going,” Bell wrote in his plea for donations on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe, best known as a site to raise money for costly medical treatments. Bell wrote on the site that the case could affect the rights and freedoms of all bikers.

Leonard Banga
Bell and other bikers sued Xtreme Mining and Demolition for wrongful dismissal. Xtreme owner Leonard Banga said they couldn’t continue working for him because they intimidated co-workers and made threats. Allowing them back would create an unsafe workplace, he said. In an interview, Banga said the lawsuit is an extension of those tactics. “In my opinion, it’s just another form of intimidation,” he said.
“I don’t think their pockets are as deep as people say. I’m sure their funds are running low,” he said. Bell declined an interview request once he learned Banga had commented.

” … if you talking to and believing anything that idiot has to say, I have nothing to add. Have fun with that,” Bell said in an email.

Leonard Banga
August 26, 2013. Canadian mine supplier Xtreme Mining and Demolition did something that no other business has dared to try so far — the Saskatoon-based company got rid of all employees with connections to the Hells Angels biker gang.

The Hells Angels clubhouse in Saskatoon

Jesse Bitz
Three bikers fired by Leonard Banga are suing him for wrongful dismissal in Court of Queen's Bench. Former Hells Angel Jesse Bitz spent one year on probation for threatening his former boss Leonard Banga with death and bodily harm. He had been fired after he was caught sleeping on the job.

That triggered Banga to review his recruitment and hiring policies. That led him to require all employees to declare whether they were a member of a criminal organization.

Jesse Bitz

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Applied Consumer and Clinical Evaluations fined $266,000 for ‘campaign of abuse’ against deaf worker

Raymond Berta -
A Mississauga company found to have mocked, humiliated and launched a “campaign of abuse” designed to force a deaf employee’s resignation has been ordered by Ontario’s top court to pay her $266,000.

The stinging Ontario Court of Appeal decision amplified the original damages awarded to Vicky Strudwick by more than $100,000. The result comes after four years of legal proceedings against her former employer, Applied Consumer and Clinical Evaluations (ACCE)

Less than a year after she suddenly became deaf, a condition doctors believe was caused by a virus, the 56-year-old was fired from the polling and research firm in May 2011. By that time, she had worked there for more than 15 years and was making $12.85 per hour in her latest position.

Andrew Hoffman
After she lost her hearing, she requested accommodation, including: having the Canadian Hearing Society attend the workplace to determine what accommodations were necessary; bringing a support dog to the workplace (the owner who is not disabled often brought his dogs to the office); reversing the direction of her desk so she could see people entering the office or approaching; the purchase and use of TTY equipment or the installation of a voice carry-over telephone (which she offered to purchase herself); and the installation of a visual fire alarm at her desk (which she also offered to purchase). All of these requests were refused.

Vicky Strudwick

Leading up to her dismissal she “was belittled, isolated, humiliated and made to suffer the effects of her disability to the greatest extent possible,” the three-judge panel wrote. “This conduct was deliberate, malicious and designed to force Ms. Strudwick to quit a job she had held for almost 16 years.”

Andrew Hoffman, an ACCE general manager at the time, was named in the decision as “the primary participant” in Strudwick’s workplace harassment. Also named was Strudwick’s immediate supervisor, Liz Camilleri, who “featured prominently in (her) despicable treatment”

Liz Camilleri -
The company did not pay Strudwick for work performed until Labour Community Services of Peel Region intervened. Her employment insurance was delayed as a result of the manner in which her record of employment was completed.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rodica Radita Faked Blood Sugar Tests Before Diabetic Son's Death: Doctor

The trial for a Calgary couple accused of killing their teenaged son will continue in mid-September. The trial for Emil and Rodica Radita began in the beginning of June but the case went longer than expected.

Rodica Radita and Emil Marian Radita
After returning from church to find their son not breathing, the parents of Calgary teenager Alexandru Radita prayed for two hours before calling emergency services, court heard Wednesday.

It was possible the boy wasn’t breathing even before the couple went to church. She said the mother said Alexandru was breathing at 6 p.m. that day, but his father said he wasn’t. Emil, 59, and Rodica, 53, are each charged with first-degree murder in the May 7, 2013, death of their 15-year-old son.

Alexandru Radita
Alexandru Radita was so emaciated when he died, the first paramedic to find his body wasn’t sure what she was looking at. Deborah Baumback said Radita was so thin he was almost unrecognizable as a human being.

Emergency personnel arrived at the home to find a group of 15 to 20 people in the living room chanting and praying. In her opening address, Crown prosecutor Susan Pepper said she intends to show the Raditas planned and deliberated their son’s killing by neglecting him for years. Alexandru Radita weighed a mere 37 pounds at the time of his death. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in December 2000, when he was three years old.
An autopsy determined he died from a bacterial infection, which he contracted due to complications from neglect and starvation from Type 1 diabetes.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kristopher Teichrieb denied bail - Next appearance September 15

Jessie Simpson
Charged with the attempted murder of a Savona teen, Kristopher Teichrieb appeared briefly by video in Kamloops court Thursday. Teichrieb’s next court appearance was set for Thursday, Sept. 15, when he will be arraigned on the charge. He has remained in custody since June 19.

Still unconscious and on life support after an assault two months ago, Jessie Simpson turned 19 years old on July 26. His mother Sue has been at his bedside daily since the assault. Jesse Simpson remains unresponsive in a coma in hospital. Reports have suggested he is brain dead and would likely not survive if taken off medical support. A publication ban remains in effect.

Kristopher Teichrieb
Kristopher Teichrieb walked into a Kamloops courtroom with a big smile on his face on Monday July 18, waving at a group of friends and family seated in the gallery. He has been in custody since he was arrested June 19 after Jessie Simpson was beaten into a coma near Teichrieb’s Brocklehurst home. Teichrieb’s bail hearing began on Monday and is expected to wrap up later this week. The evidence presented at the hearing is protected by a court-ordered ban on publication.
Kristopher Teichrieb said little during a brief appearance in Kamloops provincial court on Monday, June 27. Kristopher Teichrieb is charged with attempted murder in connection to the assault of Jessie Simpson. Defence lawyer Jeremy Jensen hinted at the fact Teichrieb’s charge could be upgraded to murder if Simpson’s condition changes. Jensen asked that a potential bail hearing be delayed.

Bail hearings for people charged with murder take place in B.C. Supreme Court. If Teichrieb’s charge is not upgraded, his bail hearing on the attempted murder charge would take place in provincial court. Jesse Simpson has been declared brain dead by doctors. Teichrieb is due back in court on July 4.

Jessie Simpson
19-year-old Jessie Simpson remained in a coma on Monday after being beaten, reportedly with a baseball bat, on Holt Street in Kamloops in the early-morning hours of Sunday, June 19.

Kristopher Teichrieb, 39, has been charged with attempted murder. Teichrieb will appear in court on Thursday.

Family of Simpson have been told by doctors that he is brain dead. They plan on removing him from life support. Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said the incident occurred at about 4:50 a.m. on Sunday when a resident looked out his window and saw a male standing in his driveway. He went outside to confront the unwanted visitor and assaulted the man with a weapon.

Kristopher Teichrieb
Jessie Simpson, who graduated from South Kamloops secondary this year, was coming home from a grad party before the violent incident. He is described as small, standing about 5-foot-6, with a slight build.

Kristopher Teichrieb's bail hearing has been put off until Monday, June 27. Jesse Simpson was chased down Holt Street and suffered three open skull fractures.

Kristopher Teichrieb

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fort McMurray Councillor Allan Vinni stiffs pregnant ex-employee

Allan Vinni
Councillor Allan Vinni is facing a lawsuit from a former lawyer at his firm over wages he allegedly owes her. Lianne Locke, 33, says she worked at Allan Vinni Law Office for three years until she was laid off on May 3, the day encroaching wildfires forced a city-wide evacuation of Fort McMurray.

Until then, she worked mostly in family law for the firm. In a statement of claim filed last Monday, she alleges Vinni owes her $15,000 in unpaid wages. She says the money was due May 1.
“I have sent him emails and text messages and voicemails indicating he owed me money, and they haven’t been answered,” she said in a Thursday evening phone interview from Windsor, Ont. Locke is eight months pregnant and already planned to spend her maternity leave in Ontario.

Locke says she was told she no longer had a job in an email sent May 18. Her statement says Vinni acknowledged some staff were still owed money at the time the email was sent. The statement says the last time Locke was paid was April 15. While the lawsuit is for $15,000, she says the total amount of unpaid wages could grow.
Vinni has garnered significant attention for his massive raise to $ 150,000 as Fort McMurray councillor and his recent venom against what he considers 'outsiders'.

 Mr. Allan Vinni arrived in Fort McMurray in 2002 to set up shop as a lawyer, which in this mind would make him as much of an 'outsider' to the community as those he seems to have an issue with.

“This truly is the land of opportunity for all.” - Allan Vinni

Allan Vinni

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Internet Black Widow Melissa Ann Shepard

Melissa Ann Shepard the "Internet Black Widow" is scheduled to appear in Halifax provincial court. Police have alleged the 80-year-old violated the terms of a peace bond in April after an officer spotted her using a computer at Halifax Central Library. Shepard was charged with three counts of breaching a recognizance, including a ban on accessing the Internet.
Less than a month after she agreed to abide by certain rules following her release from prison, an 80-year-old woman dubbed the Internet Black Widow has been charged with breaching those conditions.

Melissa Ann Shepard is accused of accessing the internet at the Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road, in violation of conditions imposed by a Nova Scotia provincial court in March. Shepard left prison last month after serving her full sentence for administering a noxious substance and failing to provide the necessaries of life to Fred Weeks, her newlywed husband. Weeks fell ill at a bed-and-breakfast in Cape Breton in September 2012, days after marrying Shepard.
Fred Weeks was given Benzodiazepine along with tranquilizers Lorazepam and Temazepam .

Shepard and her second husband, Gordon Stewart
Shepard has a long history with the law. From 1977 to 1991, she served sentences for more than 30 separate convictions for fraud.

In 1991, she was convicted of manslaughter and served two years of a six-year prison term after killing her husband, Gordon Stewart, on a deserted road near Halifax.

Stewart was heavily drugged when she ran over him twice with a car.
Another of Shepard's husbands, Robert Friedrich, died of a cardiac arrest in December 2002, just one year after they met on a dating site.

She was not charged in relation to the death of the 83-year-old, who left her tens of thousands of dollars in assets. Friedrich's sons alleged in a criminal complaint that Shepard had killed their father with a prescription drug overdose.
In 2005 she was locked up for five years after admitting five charges, including theft, against 85 year-old Alex Strategos, from whom she stole $40,000. He claimed Shepard spiked his ice cream which resulted in multiple hospitalizations.
Halifax police allege she is a high risk to re-offend. The Crown argued Shepard is a cold, calculating woman.

"People who have contact with this lady should be careful," said Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy during sentencing. "How do you deter Melissa Ann Shepard? Let's be candid — this will not be a long-term factor."

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Priest steals $ 500,000 for gambling

A priest in London, Ont., has been charged with fraud in the alleged theft of more than $500,000 meant for refugees.

Police say Amer Saka of St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church allegedly obtained the money from over 20 people under the guise of a sponsorship program to bring refugee families into Canada.
Amer Saka
London police say the investigation began in February with the co-operation of the Hamilton Catholic Diocese and spanned throughout Ontario, the United States and other countries where refugees were trying to come to Canada.

Saka, 51, was arrested on Wednesday and faces two charges. Saka gambled away more than $500,000 given to him by parishioners — including seven or eight families from the small church in London — who trusted Saka to hold it for refugee relatives under a private sponsorship program.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tentative dates set in Kentville for new murder trial for Leslie Douglas Greenwood

Leslie Douglas Greenwood will soon have a second chance to plead his case. The Nova Scotia man challenging two counts of first-degree murder in relation to a double homicide case in Hants County appeared in Kentville provincial court July 20 for a status update. On July 20, a pretrial conference was set for Sept. 1 at 1 p.m., and voir dires were scheduled for Oct. 24-26 and Dec. 13-14.
Greenwood is charged with the first-degree murders of Barry Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Paula Christensen. The couple was shot to death in their Nova Scotia home in September 2000. The double murder was connected to the Hell’s Angels.

Greenwood was convicted of the murders following a three-week Supreme Court jury trial concluding in May 2012. The convictions were overturned by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeals in September 2014 because of the use of hearsay evidence in the first trial.

Greenwood in 2012
Greenwood is back in Nova Scotia to face charges after a mistrial was declared in Quebec in December. There, he remains charged with the first-degree murders of Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi in Notre-Dame-de-Grace in 2010, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. The jury was unable to agree on a verdict, leading to the mistrial.

Greenwood's re-trial in Quebec won’t take place until 2018, possibly not until 2020. Greenwood appears again in Nova Scotia May 6.

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