Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Canuck the Crow causes kerfuffle at his McDonald's

Vancouver's famous feather-brained ruffian, Canuck the crow, caused another flap this weekend at a local fast food outlet, mere days after terrorizing a mailman in the city.

The bold bird ruffled feathers at a McDonald’s in east Vancouver on Sunday morning, in an encounter one witness captured on video. The video shows Canuck perched on a divider in the restaurant, strutting back and forth and occasionally leaping down to go after customers' food.
The bird does not appear to harm anyone, but it does get into an altercation with one woman after landing on her table and trying to snatch her breakfast. The woman can be seen grabbing Canuck, which causes the bird to squawk angrily in response. She releases the bird a few moments later, and it returns to its perch on the divider.

The bird had originally entered the restaurant through an open door. Canuck's caretaker, Shawn Bergman, says the bird is no stranger to that particular McDonald's.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Canuck the Crow assaults evil mail carrier threatening nest

Canada Post has stopped delivering mail to an east Vancouver neighbourhood after a mail carrier was attacked several times by a feisty crow. Canuck the Crow lives in east Vancouver and is regularly seen with Shawn Bergman. According to Bergman, the bird attacked the mail carrier, causing broken skin and bleeding.

The mail has subsequently stopped arriving for Bergman and a few nearby neighbours.
A crow nearly sabotaged a Vancouver police investigation, and it's not the first time officers have been targeted by the bird.

A police investigation was interrupted recently by a crow with an eye for shiny things – in this case, a knife. Officers were in the area of Hastings and Cassiar streets on an unrelated call when they were directed to a parking lot car fire. Police said a man came at them with a knife as they were responding to the blaze, and the man was shot at in the altercation. Few details have been released, other than that the 28-year-old suspect was taken into custody and brought to hospital with gunshot wounds.

The winged villain was spotted by VPD attempting to sabotage a police cruiser. In that case it managed to steal the "F6" button and dismantle the keyboard of the on-board mobile data terminal before fleeing the scene.
While police were still at the scene, a curious crow flew down and picked up the knife. "The bird flew away while a cop chased it for about 15 to 20 feet, and then the crow dropped it and took off,” Mike Howell, a reporter for the Vancouver Courier, told CBC.

"It was eventually gathered as evidence (the knife – not the bird)" Police said. Cops are pinning the near heist on a known troublemaker "caw"nvict Canuck the Crow, often referred to as Vancouver's most notorious bird.

Canuck the Crow with cop issue pen. The feathered felon is known to frequent the East Van neighborhood and fork with the Po Po.
The suspect has been described as approximately 17.5 inches long, with black feathers. At the time of the cruiser vandalism (allegation), it was wearing a red tracking leg band.

Canuck's dastardly deeds are regularly posted on social media, including on the crow's own Facebook page (with more than 13,000 followers) and Twitter account. The crow also has its own hashtag, #canuckthecrow. Canuck is no bird brain when it comes to media exposure, even posing for a mock interview with CBC’s Dan Burritt last September after an alleged attack on a cyclist.
There is reason to believe that Canuck isn't acting alone and it may, in fact, be gang related.

Dozens of crow attacks have been reported across the city in the last few months.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Female cop fights to keep job after her previous career as Dominatrix exposed

NJ sheriff's officer Kristen Hyman is accused of conduct unbecoming of a public employee after she was spotted in kinky videos. In the videos she kicks, slaps and chokes men. She remains clothed, but all her 'victims' are nude as she 'abuses' them
Hyman says it was 'stupid stuff I did when I was a kid.' Hyman says that she was merely an actress in the videos. In several videos she is seen choking men until they appear to fall unconscious.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dumb crooks busted in £25,000 ATM raid by trail of bank notes

A pair of bungling crooks who blew up a cash machine were caught after they left a trail of banknotes leading to their hideout. Christopher Bowyer, 32, and Christopher Myatt, 20, risked killing themselves and those nearby when they used gas to blow up an ATM. After scooping £25,000 from the mangled dispenser the pair drove off in a getaway car ... but the pair left £2,500 of notes scattered around the area and a trail of cash in the direction they had made off. Police who raced to the scene were quickly able to trace the getaway vehicle with the help of a helicopter.
After being caught, Myatt’s mobile phone was checked by police and there were images of the ATM as well as internet searches for gas used in the explosion. His blood was also found on the cash machine itself and glass fragments were found in his shoe. Bowyer was said to be the 'brains' behind the plot - but said he didn’t physically get out to pump the gas or pick up the cash.

Jailing Bowyer for eight years, and Myatt for seven and a half years, the Judge said he hoped the sentences would deter others doing the same thing.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

OMG – New Emojis

In the unending quest to make the world a better place the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit group responsible for standardizing digital characters, released version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard. The update includes 56 new emojis for your texting enjoyment.

Sadly you’ll have to wait if you were hoping for a male version of the new breastfeeding emoji.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Calgary woman fined $5,000 for cruelty to 89 cats

Ruth Sogz has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after 89 cats were removed from her home, many of them in medical distress.

Calgary Humane Society peace officers inspected her home and removed all of the Maine coon cats from the residence after determining the severity of the medical and environmental concerns.

She pleaded guilty to charges under the Animal Protection Act and received a $5,000 fine and a lifetime prohibition from owning all but two cats which have been fixed so they can no longer breed.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Curvy butt model busted for claiming serious power

Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian instagram model/dancer recently posted a video of herself squatting 500lbs for almost 10 reps. Sharp internet types smelled a rat. Gracyanne responded on instagram and claims the plates are 33lbs each instead of 45lbs. So her feat is actually 330lbs + 45lb bar = 375lbs x 10 reps.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Paranoid Idaho pot dealers bust themselves

A hilarious 911 tape released by police in Rexburg, Idaho details a pair of paranoid drug dealers who want to surrender because they think undercover narcotic cops are tailing them. They weren't.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Corrupt Bakersfield Cops sold stolen Meth

Former Bakersfield Police Det. Damacio Diaz and Det. Patrick Mara.
In 2012 Bakersfield Police Det. Damacio Diaz was sitting in his car alongside informant Guillermo “Memo” Magallanes. About $15,000 stuck out of Magallanes’ shorts. When the informant left, the narcotics detective found just under $1,000 in the passenger-side door pocket.

That marked the beginning of a police corruption scandal involving cash, drugs and protection. Diaz and his partner, Patrick Mara, later admitted to ripping off drug dealers of their methamphetamine. That ended when Magallanes was arrested and snitched. Diaz later began cooperating with federal investigators and named other cops he said were corrupt. None of those allegations resulted in federal charges against any other officers.
Acting U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert said the two detectives were specially selected for a joint drug task force in a region plagued by methamphetamine. "They became the drug traffickers themselves," he said.

A federal judge sentenced Diaz and Mara to five-year federal prison terms for seizing and selling more than 20 pounds of crystal meth and redistributing it back into the community they were sworn to protect. The sentence was 15 fewer years than what federal prosecutors recommended.
Prosecutors are re-examining cases from 2011 to 2014, when the partners were committing crimes. They reviewed 87 cases of the detectives involving 123 defendants. Two misdemeanor prostitution cases in which Diaz was an undercover detective have already been dismissed.

"If they took statements, seized evidence or wrote reports, we will be sending letters to defense attorneys or defendants that represented themselves"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chickens tortured in Chilliwack - Elite Farm Services Ltd.

The group Mercy for Animals has released another undercover video that has triggered an investigation by the B.C. SPCA. According to the B.C. SPCA, it shows "multiple workers, including a supervisor, at Elite Farm Services Ltd. in Chilliwack abusing and torturing broiler chickens". Elite is licensed to round up chickens, which were to be transported to the Lilydale/Sofina Foods plant in Port Coquitlam.
Chicken Catcher - Night Shift
Elite Farm Services - Chilliwack, BC
$14 an hour - Part-time
Elite Services is currently looking to hire Chicken Catchers for our Night Shift Crew!
  • Hiring part time chicken catchers for our night shift crew
  • Work days are from Sunday Night to Thursday Night
  • Hours generally run from 11:00pm - 7:00am however shift lengths do vary and can run into the morning hours.
  • Once trained availability for more shifts a possibility.
  • Start date ASAP! - 604-316-6916

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Man tries to spend $ 1,000,000 bill - Ends Poorly

The largest bill currently in circulation in the US is $100. That didn’t stop 53-year-old Michael Anthony Fuller going to his local Walmart and attempting to use a $1 million note. Fuller tried to use the fake note to buy a microwave, vacuum cleaner and other goods totalling $476. By his reckoning he was due $999,524 in change. After the police were called, Fuller was charged with attempting to obtain goods under false pretense and uttering a forged instrument.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Niagara police officer convicted in cheese-smuggling case - Appeal Denied

A police officer’s appeal of a conviction and sentencing for his role in a cheese smuggling operation has been dismissed. Niagara Regional Police Const. Scott Heron was found guilty of conspiracy to smuggle cheese into Canada from the United States without paying duty and breach of trust by a public official on Sept. 18, 2015.

Heron ran a smuggling operation that saw another constable bring cheese across the border from Buffalo to Fort Erie. The cheese was then sold to local restaurants for profit, at discount prices made possible by evading a 246 per cent markup in duty. About $133,000 of cheese and other food was smuggled into Canada, and $325,000 in duty evaded.
A former police officer in Niagara was sentenced to four months in prison in relation to a large-scale cheese smuggling operation.

Scott Heron, 42, of Niagara Regional Police was found guilty on six charges, including customs offenses, after attempting to smuggle large quantities of cheese from the United States to Canada undeclared in 2012.

Niagara Regional Police Cst Scott Heron

Niagara Regional Police Cst. Geoff Purdie
Police say Heron intended to distribute the cheese, valued at over $200,000, to local restaurants. He was also found guilty of evading $325,729 in duties and taxes.

The investigation began with another Niagara Regional Police official, Geoff Purdie, who was convicted of attempting to smuggle steroids across the Canadian border. He then went on to testify as part of his plea deal, exposing Heron's involvement in the cheese-smuggling ring.


Mario Sebastiano, owner of Super Mario's pizza in Port Colborne, says he was offered cheese from the U.S.
The price of milk is between $4 and $6 for four litres in Canada, while in the U.S. consumers pay about $1 a litre. This explains the 200 per cent to 300 per cent tariffs on imported dairy products.

Canada's National Dairy Policy results in a wealth transfer of more than $2.4-billion annually from consumers and food processors to diary farmers. That's more than $175,000 for each dairy farmer in Canada.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Toronto Cop's Sex Assault - “Josh, stop. She is out.” - Trial

When they were done raping her, she says one of the cops asked his friends if they still wanted to get a hooker for the rest of the night.

The Toronto parking enforcement officer spent the morning on the witness stand giving harrowing testimony about how she was invited out for “Rookie Buys” night with police colleagues at 51 Division and ended up in a hotel room where she says she was sexually assaulted by three cops while she drifted in and out of consciousness. She told the judge-alone trial that she never consented to any of it. “I was powerless. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t stop what was happening

Toronto Police officers Sameer Kara, Leslie Nyznik and Joshua Cabero
Three Toronto Police officers charged last year with the gang sexual assault of a female colleague from the parking unit were back in court in December for a pre-trial motion. Joshua Cabero, 30, Leslie Nyznik, 39, and Sameer Kara, 33, all from 51 Division, sat quietly in the body of the courtroom while their three lawyers appeared before Justice Ian Nordheimer. The accused cops are free on $15,000 bail and suspended with pay while they await their trial, expected to begin in May 2017.

The parking officer’s friend told police Nyznik and Kara approached her nine days later to insist it had all been consensual and they were willing to apologize if she felt they’d taken advantage of her “because they do not wish there to be any hard feelings.”
The case against three Toronto police officers charged with sexually assaulting a female colleague in January 2015 will now proceed directly to trial, according to court documents.

A direct indictment, a rare request by the Crown that requires the approval of the Attorney General, allows the case to go directly to a trial without a preliminary hearing. Nyznik, Kara and Cabero face charges of sexual assault and gang sexual assault. They are expected to plead not guilty. The matter is next in court on July 20.

Toronto police officers Sameer Kara (front) and Leslie Nyznik
A Toronto police officer told investigators she was too drunk to speak, let alone consent, when three colleagues had oral, vaginal and possibly anal sex with her after a party last year, according to documents unsealed by a Toronto judge.

Superior Court Justice Faye McWatt lifted a publication ban on the information to obtain a search warrant in the case against Toronto Police officers Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara and Joshua Cabero Tuesday following an application brought to the court by Postmedia News, CTV and the Toronto Star.

Joshua Cabero
Nyznik, Cabero and Kara are charged with sexual assault and gang sexual assault in the case, and while they have not yet entered pleas their lawyers have said they intend to plead not guilty. The three officers were suspended with pay after they were charged in February 2015. The alleged assault eventually ended, she said, after she heard Kara say “Josh, stop. She is out.”
TORONTO - It was a bizarre courtroom scene — a defence lawyer and judge passing sealed, secret notes back and forth while everyone else in the courtroom twiddled their thumbs.

The case is that of the three Toronto Police officers from 51 Division - Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara and Joshua Cabero, charged last year with the gang sexual assault of a female parking enforcement officer on January 15, 2015. The three have been suspended with pay. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for July but the Crown has applied for a direct indictment — which would see the case go straight to trial.
The attorney general has yet to make a decision on the request. At issue is who will represent the officers: Kara and Cabero are now being represented by the same firm. “A substantial and realistic risk of conflict of interest has arisen,” say Crown attorneys. “One lawyer or law firm acting for two co-accused in the same criminal proceeding puts counsel’s undivided loyalty at risk.”

They’ve asked a judge to remove a law firm from representing either of the officers. That's when things got strange. A sealed document was passed to the judge by defence counsel. When the judge had a question, he passed a note back to the lawyer, who wrote him back. Everyone in court watched, including Crown attorneys.
The Crown was later asked if she had any submissions. She said it was like playing Battleship, with no idea if she was hitting the mark. “I am shooting in the dark,”

It wasn’t the only thing under wraps: The evidence being used by the Crown to prosecute the case against the three cops and information used to obtain warrants for the officers’ DNA are all under publication bans.

Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara, Joshua Cabero
Charges were laid against Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara and Joshua Cabero in February 2015 after a female parking enforcement officer was allegedly forced into sexual acts.

Two DNA profiles were identified from the semen found on the alleged victim’s body, clothing and jewelry. They were compared to DNA samples from the three accused.

Two of the officers were matches. According to the document, the chances of it not being them are in the trillions and quadrillions.